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4 Valuable Tips for Entrepreneurs

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jun 16, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Attracting visitors to your business is the way new and existing companies grow. In today's environment, it is not enough to have a good product or service. It is necessary to let prospective customers know you are there. An inbound marketing consultant such as Digital Inbound helps you move forward. Doing this requires a realistic view of the way leads are generated. Creating good content guided by SEO principals is the way digital marketing agencies are making this happen.

How Many Sales Are Online?

The number of online sales has grown each year and Forrester Research projects that in 2017 online sales will top $385 billion, which represents an increase over its previous projections. This market is attracted by SEO rich content on multiple sites. Generating leads has evolved since the earlier days of outbound marketing, and most experts understand that lead generation takes place online.

Valuable tips for entrepreneurs

Getting the word out requires creativity.

Use SEO Marketing to Gain Customers

In order to interest individuals in your product, marketing strategists understand inbound marketing helps get customers to your virtual doorstep. Creating content rich in information and using SEO marketing tools across multiple platforms increases traffic. This content is not necessarily about the product but about topics that might interest the buyer persona of a potential customer. For instance, if a company specializes in sports equipment, chances are an article about the things a runner should look for in running shoes would catch the eye of this individual.

Utilize Multiple Platforms

Not everyone uses the same online source material. Inbound marketing uses blogging as a way to provide articles with the content in which the potential buyer may be interested. Optimizing search criteria means incorporating keywords commonly used. Once the individual reaches the company's website, it is time to dazzle them with well-laid out pages and content. Linking to social media lets visitors see your company through the eyes of other customers, and building a social media presence is part of the design.

Valuable tips for entrepreneurs

Converting visitors into leads take strategy.

Generate Leads by Adding Extras

Once someone visits your website, you need to know who they are and where their interests lie. This is done by asking the visitor to fill out a form. Taking time to do this means the visitor may expect something in return such as a white paper, an eBook or Webinar. This simple call-to-action engages the visitor and helps in the lead conversion process, according to inbound marketing consultants.

Close the Lead With a Follow-Up

Now that the leads are generated, it is important to follow-up. This can be done using different marketing tools. Emails alerting the individual to topics he or she might be interested in, based on the person's demographics and expressed interests, is one way to do it. Using customer relationship management tools, salespeople can better solidify the relationship. Automated emails asking the individual to follow your company on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms keeps them engaged.

Digital Inbound may help get your company in front of individuals with the right buyer's persona to increase traffic and sales. Using proven inbound marketing strategies, visitors become leads and leads become customers.

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