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7 Reasons You Need an Inbound Marketing Strategy for 2016

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jan 20, 2016 10:42:00 AM

a good marketing plan will include an Inbound marketing strategy

Draw in your customers with a new inbound marketing strategy in 2016.

It's the season for resolutions. Have you resolved to create a new inbound marketing strategy? If so, here are some ways you can draw prospective customers to your site and have them come back to buy again and again in 2016.

1. You're Too Outgoing 

Outbound marketing should only be one part of your marketing strategy. 
You need to focus on inbound marketing as well. If your marketing revolves around sending out advertising pushes about your products but doesn't draw people in, you're missing out on a large chunk of your potential traffic. Get their attention through eBooks, blogs, webinars and an engaging social media presence. This year, resolve to draw in your audience through content that shines. 

2. You're Popular, But You Don't Follow Through 

If leads are coming to your site but aren't buying, why not? Make sure that you have a strong call to action on each part of your site. Let your visitors know why they need your product, so that your popularity translates into sales.

3. Your Inbound Marketing Strategy is Just So You 

While marketing used to be about letting customers know about the virtues of your product, inbound marketing should be about your customers. What are their needs and interests? What problems are they trying to solve by visiting your site or looking at your product? Target your marketing to your customers and create landing page content specific to different groups of customers, and you'll discover how powerful it can be to focus your marketing on your customers' needs.


review your marketing plan and be sure to include an Inbound marketing strategy

Engage your customers' social networks and they'll bring you new inbound leads.

4. You Want To Build a Long Term Relationship 

Inbound marketing is about developing an authoritative voice. You want your customers to see you as a trusted resource in your field. When your customers trust you, they will return to you for content and to purchase your products. You'll also get the best kind of advertising: word of mouth through online sharing. 

5. You Want to Be In Pictures 

Increasingly, online content is becoming visual. The typical web surfer is trapped under a deluge of words. Bring your readers out from under the wave of words with visuals that show them how your product works, testimonials from satisfied customers, and graphics that show the impact of your product.

6. You Want to Be Subtle

Buyers want to be drawn in by inbound marketing, not pushed around. Work to make sure that your inbound marketing doesn't feel too much like outbound marketing. Any calls to action must feel genuine and be in places on your site that the customers will access when they are ready for them. Intrusive ads may send prospective customers away.

7. You Want to Connect in 2016

Inbound marketing is all about creating a unique voice for your business. How can you develop content that's unique and encourages social sharing? How can you connect to your specific audience with content that's relevant to them? The internet is full of blogs and social media posts. What makes you stand out? Look at what draws your leads to your site, and craft content that's relevant and speaks specifically to those needs.

Are you resolved to make a change in your inbound marketing in 2016? Contact Digital Inbound to see how we can transform your marketing strategies. 
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