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7 Ways a Social Media Agency Can Elevate Your Business

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jul 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Nearly three quarters of all adults who spend time online use at least one social media website, according to the Pew Research Center. That doesn't even include kids and teenagers who also count as consumers for many businesses. The prodigious growth of social media means you need a healthy presence on at least a few of those networks, and a social media agency can help.

1. Hire a Team Instead of an Individual

Social media agency

In social media, multiple minds are always better than one.


Social media agencies are staffed by multiple professionals with experience in the social networking sphere. When you work with such an agency, you gain the benefit of all those professionals' knowledge and skill sets. They work together to craft a social media strategy that's custom tailored to your business.

2. Portray a Consistent Brand Message

You want your customers and clients to trust you. If someone new takes over your social media accounts every few months, your audience won't know what to expect. You'll lose credibility and confuse the people who matter most. A social media agency might employ a team of professionals, but each member works together to craft a consistent brand image.

3. Issue Fast Responses to Social Media Inquiries

It's almost a full time job to manage the incoming feedback through social media channels. Potential customers have a question about a product, current customers want to know when your next launch will take place, someone has a complaint about your service - social media communication can make or break your business. Since you have plenty of other tasks on your plate, hiring a social media agency makes sense from a time management standpoint.

4. Gain Access to the Latest Strategies

Unless you're a social media expert, you probably don't know the latest developments, technologies, and strategies in the industry. Social media agencies do. Partnering with an experienced firm allows you to benefit from the newest tactics.

5. Find Your Audience

Social media agencies know how to target specific demographics based on the social networks they are most likely to use. Certain segments of the population use Facebook more than Twitter, for building your social media audience is imporatn for your entire web presenceexample. Without this knowledge, your target audience might never hear what you have to say.

6. Build Your Following

Just because you update a social network account doesn't mean anyone will listen. A social media agency can build your following using proven strategies that attract your target audience. If you're updating your account without a large enough following, you're wasting your time and energy.

7. Generate New Leads

It's not enough to set up a Facebook account. To succeed with social media marketing, you must engage your audience. This takes effort and knowledge, especially for new and small businesses. A social media agency can increase engagement to generate new leads and turn those leads into customers.

Frustrated By Social Media?

You're not alone. Many decision makers struggle with developing their social media accounts and engaging their audiences effectively. That's why social media agencies exist: They give your business the chance to flourish in the social networking arena, whether by automating parts of the process, actively communicating with followers, or promoting your social media accounts through other media.

Facebook Fans into Customers

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