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7 Ways to Promote an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by David C Aaronson

Mar 24, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Inbound marketing
You have excellent content. Here's how to promote it.

Can your customers hear the call of your inbound marketing campaign? When you're trying to draw customers in, you need to call out loud, clear, and in the right places. Here's how to make sure that your customers hear your message and come pounding on your virtual doors.

1. Send the Right Message

Your products are interesting to you, but do your customers understand how your products can help them? When you're promoting an inbound marketing campaign, make sure that your customers know how and why your products are useful. Take a look at the keywords that your leads use to find your site. When you're blogging or doing other social media promotion, be sure to include those keywords. This leads prospective customers to your site as they search for solutions to their problems.

Inbound marketing

Use the social media venues that are appropriate for your products.

2. Get Social

You may have a wonderful product and an exceptional blog, but your customers need to know that they exist. They may find you through keywords, but they'll also find you through their social networks. Focus on the sites that work for your organization. If you have a product that yields stunning visuals, create an Instagram or Pinterest account. If you have a lot of information to share, try Twitter. Whatever social media venue you use, remember to use your account as a community-building venue as well as a marketing tool. Ask your readers' questions, post funny items connected to your business, and get advice. Build a community on social media, and people will be more apt to share your posts with their friends as well.

3. Send an Email Invitation

While email may seem retro in this text-based world, email newsletters still have a lot of power. Having a regular email newsletter or lists for special, niche-focused announcements allows you to communicate with readers and customers who have opted into your messages. They're already interested, and they're more likely to get excited about your new product offering.

4. Share With Others

When you're promoting a new campaign, you want to get all hands on deck to help. This means that you connect with your friends and colleagues in other related businesses to co-market. This might mean that you develop a blog post together, co-create an ebook or infographic, or work together on a project such as a webinar. When you co-market, you share your audiences and reach out to new ones.

5. Let the Media Know

The media is always looking for new products or innovative services. If you've created something that's unique, you have an engaging local angle, or you're donating some of your goods and services to another organization, let the media know. Connect this media exposure to your site so that interested customers will know where to go to learn more.

6. Ask People to Click

While your focus is on inbound marketing, it can be helpful to have some enticements to bring people into your site. Pay per click advertising shows up on related sites when people browse, and when prospective customers click, they will enter your site. However, pay per click just gets people in the door. Make sure that you have the welcome mat out for them with excellent products, content, and social media so that they'll stay around.

7. The Power of a Presentation

Your presence is powerful. When you're promoting a new product, do so through presentations that bring together people in your field. When your audience is global, make sure that you have a webinar aspect to this presentation or run one in parallel so that your international customers can participate as well.

When you're developing and promoting an inbound marketing campaign, Digital Inbound can help. We provide guidance to help you shape your marketing and develop a thriving community of customers. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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