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8 Reasons Targeted Traffic Matters

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 9, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Ten years ago, businesses could sometimes survive on high web traffic by itself. They served up ads to everyone who visited and didn't worry about the number of visitors who converted into customers.
Those days no longer exist. Targeted web traffic matters more than any other website metric, especially if you serve local customers or your business falls into a niche market.

1. You'll Spread Content Organically

Targeted traffic

Targeted traffic spreads throughout your tribe through word-of-mouth, making your job easier.

When you target your content marketing to specific visitors, they find what they need when they arrive at your website. They dig deeper into your content and, more importantly, might even share it with their tribe. You'll build your traffic organically among people who want to hear what you have to say - and will actually make a purchase.

2. You'll Reduce Your Bounce Rate

If someone happens upon your site and discovers it isn't relevant to his or her needs, that person just clicks away. You technically received traffic to your site, but it didn't benefit your business. When you gain targeted leads, your visitors dig in. They don't bounce right back out again.

3. You'll Encourage Visitors to Dig Deeper

Speaking of digging in, targeted traffic means people stay on your website much longer. They explore all your content, learn about your products and services, and perhaps send you a message to inquire about their needs. This is far more valuable than a casual visitor who never converts into a customer.

4. You'll Know Who to Address

When you're in search of targeted web traffic, you research keywords and fine-tune your target audience. You know your ideal client's spending habits and age bracket. You're prepared for his or her buying cycle. This gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

5. You'll Know What Questions to Answer

When creating content for targeted incoming traffic, you must anticipate the questions your audience will ask. What do they want or need to know? What problems are they trying to solve? Once you understand these dynamics, you can create relevant content that resonates with your target client.

6. You'll Waste Less Time

Why create content or spend hours on social media if you never generate revenue? You can't pay your employees or feed your family on the time you spend creating fantastic content. You earn income only when your content converts visitors into customers.

7. You'll Integrate All Media Channels

A focused marketing campaign that incorporates the goal of targeted website traffic generates results. You'll use the information you learn across all media channels, from print advertising to PPC ads, to business blog content and social media posts. Your audience will come to value your content as insightful, trustworthy, and relevant.

8. You'll Spend Less Money

Although keywords don't matter as much as they did a decade ago, they still carry weight when you choosea result of better targetted traffic to your web presence is a higher lead to close ratio generating mores sales specific words and phrases targeted to a specific audience. If you create a targeted campaign, you'll spend money on keywords that are specific to your ideal customer and actually generate leads.

Targeted traffic makes a big difference when it comes to attracting qualified leads and building your brand. The more you know about your audience, the easier it becomes to serve up content (and sell products and services) that fit their needs.

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