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Search Engine Optimization: Difficult 1st Page Ranking?

Posted by David C Aaronson

Dec 27, 2011 7:54:00 AM

The Chemistry Formula for Search Engine Optimization

Danny Sullivan and his crew at Search Engine Land have created a chart that begins to explain the complexities of Search Engine Optimization.


Required Budget Cost for Search Engine Optimization

We often get a question that goes like this: "How much will it cost for me to optimize my site?" While this is a simple question that should have a simple answer, as one can see from the chart, there is no simple answer.  There are many companies that supply simple answers and "standard" packages, but we do not feel that this is the best for most companies.

Every company is unique and each has its own set of competitors and each of those competitors is doing something.  Beside the elements on the SearchEngineLand chart, we need to consider the competition and keep up or counter what they are doing.  The cost question can be answered in sections:  What is your site lacking in on-page optimization? How many and how good are your current links to your site?  Do you have a blog? And each of these questions needs to be asked about your competitors as well.  Only after this analysis can we decide a course of action and thereby consider the investment needed.

What is Your Competitors' SEO Strategy?

Often we suggest a complete competitive analysis before the next step which would include a plan of action.  Since search Engine Optimization is multi faceted, is is important to apply the right techniques so that we have the greatest impact.  Our focus is always bringing new business, and not just more traffic to the site. A competitive analysis will aloow us to find what competitors are dong well and not doing well.  This allows us to create a custome program of methods and techniques to increase sales.  

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Sun Tzu says that competitive knowledge is our best combat material

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