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Top Mobile Marketing Facts & Tips

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jan 2, 2012 10:07:00 PM

Mobile Marketing is the Next Game Changer

I  just attended an excellent webinar on mobile marketing. It was hosted by Jamie Turner ( He presented his 70+ slides like a maestro conducting a world-class orchestra.  He was promoting his new book titled "Go Mobile" co-written with Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing at Hubspot. (click here for more info about "Go Mobile").  If the book is anything like the webinar content then it is a must read for anyone working with digital marketing.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Mobile Marketing Facts

  • 6.8 billion people on the planet. 4.0 billion own a mobile phone. Only 3.5 billion own a toothbrush
  • The use of the IPhone was 10x faster than the growth of AOL
  • Gartner Group predicts that by 2013 the #1 way people will access the internet will be through a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
  • Mobile coupons generate 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons
  • 70% of all mobile searches are acted upon within 1hr vs 30% of all traditional desktop searches
  • Believe It or Not: Research is indicating that if someone leaves home without their wallet, they'll keep going. If they leave without their smartphone, they turn around.

How are Businesses Using Mobile Marketing to Grow Revenues

  • Moblile Websites
  • Short Message Services (SMS/Texting)
  • Multimedia Message Services (MMS)
  • Moblile Display Ads
  • Mobile Paid Search (PPC)
  • Location-Based Marketing (LBS)
  • Apps
  • 2D Codes/QR codes
  • Mobile Email
  • Tablets

What Mobile Devises are People Using

  • Google's Android (39%)
  • Apple's IPhone (28%)
  • RIM's Blackberry (20%)
  • Microsoft's Windows Phone (9%)
  • Other (4%)

Source: GS Statcounter

How Do Consumers Use Smart Phones

  • Check or send email (82%)
  • Look up directions (69%)
  • Use a social networking website (63%)
  • Read News articles (56%)
  • Listen to music or internet radio (45%)
  • Watch online videos (41%)
  • Play online games (39%)
  • Look up sports information (38%)
  • Manage finances and pay bills (34%)

Source: The Mobile Movement Study


12 Step Mobile Media Action Plan

Now that you have a better perspective of the mobile marketing playing field you are probably asking, "where do I start?" Well, I recommend the first place to start would be buying the book "Go Mobile" by Jamie Turner and Jeanne Hopkins. the second is to contact us at Digital Inbound to help you start the following mobile media action plan:

traditional vs mobile site resized 600

Step #1: Create a mobile website

Step #2: Research how your competition is using social media

Step #3: Start using mobile media yourself

Step #4: Read everything you can about mobile media (start with

Step #5: Create yor busines listing on the top location-based mobile applications

Step #6: Run a mobile ad campaign

Step #7: Create a QR code promotion

Step #8: Design an IPhone or SmartPhone app

Step #9: Encourage interactivity with your consumers

Stp #10: Integrate your mobile strategy with your other marketing and advetising

Step #11: Track results

Step #12: Test and modify your way to success

I hope yo have found this brief tutorial on mobile marketing informative and feel free to leave a comment or contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you explore the possible ways mobile marketing may help you grow your revenues.

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