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Why Use Social Media Marketing

Posted by David C Aaronson

Dec 9, 2012 5:56:00 PM

Businesses today are turning to a somewhat new trend in advertising, more frequently than not businesses are looking for new ways to reach a broader spectrum of people in their marketing tactics. One of these ways to push the information out there is through socialConnecting with people through Social Media media marketing, it has become a fast and innovative way to get your products or services out there. Companies all over the internet are springing up with different and fresh ways to help you figure out which social media marketing avenues are best for you and your company.

What is social media marketing?

It is the gain of traffic and customers you can acquire through social networks. Since the information comes from what they feel is a trusted third party they are more than likely to continue reading on about the company and what it has to offer. Should you choose to use a social media site or a blog site to tell more about your company, these are the kinds of information you might display:
  • what the company is able to do for the consumer
  • post information how tos
  • post pictures of products being used 
  • interact with the general public 
Interaction with potential new customer when reaching them through Social MediaUsing Social Media is about generating more interest in the products and services you have to offer.

What could be offered to you that traditional media can not?

  • Traditional media while it is still affective in reaching audiences through print, radio, and television, still does not have quite the reach that a social media advertisement would.
  • With social media your target market can be opened up to a new and broader range of people.
  • There are many social media marketing sites that can be used: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn are just a few of them.

With more and more of the sites popping up all over the internet it can be hard to choose which one of the mediums is best for you and your business. Leaving you as the business owner a bit overwhelmed and confused about your choices. There is a solution to this scenario, there are several companies now that compile lists, reviews, and detailed information about theses site to help you better understand how they work and operate. They will help you find the information you need to pick which avenue of the social media marketing is best suited for you and your needs. 
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There are several steps to setting up your social media marketing site or blog.

  1. Once you pick which social media is best for the direction of your company you must then set up your page or mini website blog.
  2. Configure the information in an attractive yet user friendly manner so the general public will be enticed about what your company has to offer them.
  3. When it is all set up and ready to go you can look for widgets or other tools to place on your main website to help generate more flow to your social media marketing site or sites. These widgets are links and buttons that once the general public clicks them, will redirect them to your social media site and or sites.
  4. You can even set it up in reverse should you choose. By simply placing links, widgets, photo albums, guest books, and welcome pages that can lead the consumer directly to your main website.
  5. Should you need additional help in setting up your social media marketing site some of the companies that offer the compiled lists will also offer their services to walk you through the set up and the design process.

In addition to the sites which help you find the social media marketing direction you wish to gocontent in more places will  bring more users to your web presence in there are also site that offer other tools for you and your company as well.  Such as social media packages, kits, information on what key words or phrases will help you generate more traffic, steps to take to improve your existing social media marketing should you already have one set up, and tips and tools of the trade.In today's business world it is as it always has been in the past, marketing and advertising are key in the success of any business. Placing more information in more places enables more people to discover your content and become involved with you web presence.  With each encounter you increased the potential for business.

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