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Social Technology - Quick Overview

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 21, 2012 9:48:00 PM

I saw an article in the Los Angeles times stating that the US government intelligence community is turning to "crowdsourcing" predictions among its experts in order to create better predictions of turmoil around the world.  It says it helps make decisions about where to concentrate more intelligence gathering, based on the crowdsourced predictions.

Wow!!  We really live in a different world.  We think about things like Social Media, Facebook, how many tweets should I tweet a week and isn't this just a waste of time anyway.  BUt we all need to take another look.  Blink, the world has changed dramatically.


There are those that are worrying about whether Facebook is going to make it out of its dramatic stock price spiral down.  BUt what about watching what is happening to the way we live, work, get news, habits of buying things, getting information, sharing information.  Here is a fact.  Pinterest is less than two years old and it is reported that conversion rates from Pinterest links covert 40% better than any other links!  There is a whole new site that has been created (it is still in beta and you have to wait like I did a couple of weeks after you first apply to get it) call Pinerly.  It aids you in creating Pinterest campaigns!

Pinerly Cheat Sheet for creating Pinterest campaigns

Youtube takes up a full 20% of the entires Internet's bandwidth!  We better get to know what this Social Technology is all about.  We need to know it, and understand how to use to our best advantage before the competition beats us to the punch.


So here is my introduction and this will be on ongoing series with updates a couple of times a week, on the most important topic of our times -> Social Technology and all of its components.  What follows is a simplified outline followed by a slide set. Here is a link to the LA Times article.

Social Technology

I. Social Relevance

     A. Online Reputation Management

     B. Online Rating Systems

II. Social Media

     A. User Generated Content

     B. Citizen Journalism

     C. Real-Time News

     D. Web-Based Rivers of Information

III. Social Networking

     A. Online Communities

     B. Microblogging

     C. Location-Based Information

     D. Crowdsourcing

A short Overview of Social Technology: Click inside the slides for the animation 


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