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8 Ways A Local Marketing Service Gets You More Community Support

Posted by David C Aaronson

Oct 4, 2013 4:31:00 AM

With thousands of marketing agencies all over the country, it’s both difficult to choose a service and confusing to decide what you need.

But, a local marketing service can cut out all of that difficulty and confusion, and help you get more community support.

Every Community is Different

If you’ve ever traveled outside your hometown, you know that other areas can be verya local market understands the needs of the local area and can provide the proper services different. In some places they all know each other, and there are mass amounts of gossip. In other areas people are pushy, independent, and aloof to what everyone else is doing. No two places are the same.

These differences are the reasons a local marketing service can be the most beneficial option for your local business. But wait there’s more- read on to see what makes a hometown service your best option:

They Understand the Community- whether your town is based on gossip or everyone minds their own business, the local marketing service can use that to your advantage, maximizing your local reach by making sure your business fits in.

They Know the People You Need to Connect With- Since they are local, they know people in the area that could help your business.

Their community presence has helped them make important connections and as their client they can give you access where they feel it is appropriate. Consider that they have other clients who you may be able to partner with on certain projects.

They Know the History of the Area- this is beneficial because they can let you know about local holidays, sacred areas where no advertising is allowed, and other things that might turn off the community.

They Want Local Businesses to Succeed- working with local people gives them the opportunity to bring you person themselves. Not only that but they have a vested interest in your business succeeding outside of your being their client.

You Can Meet Face to Face- For some people this is very important. Being able to meet someone face to face means being able to decide if you trust them. It also lets you go directly to them to get an issue taken care of.

social interaction is an important engagement for business sservicesThey are Involved with Local Events- Since they are connected with so many other companies in the area they are the first to know about events coming. They can let you know what opportunities your business has to participate and expand your reach in the community. Think of local parades, walks, flea markets and field days.

They Have Similar Clients They’ve Already Experimented With- A major bonus for local businesses is they’ve tried many types of marketing before and they know what works in your area. This information is invaluable to you because you won’t waste thousands on testing.

Familiar with the Needs In the Area- Because of their connections they are among the first to know when a school or charity is holding an event or needs funds for a project. Helping these places is great for your business exposure because in return they will often use their influence to bring you business as well. Charities might include providing meals to the needy, winter clothes, or raising funds for the hospital, all worthy causes.

A local marketing service has two things in mind- your business and its place in the community. They can often bring you the most foot traffic, and really focus on giving you exposure in your local community. Once you’ve become successful in your area, they can help you focus on growing nationwide or even internationally.

How About You?

Are you working with a local marketing service? What benefits do you see from staying local? How do you think big agencies (nationwide) hit or miss the mark with small local businesses?


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