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How Smart Marketers Get B2B Leads From Inbound Marketing

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jul 23, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Do you want more business to business leads from your website traffic?

Who doesn't? Wouldn't it be great if every visitor to your site filled out a form, and was genuinely interested in your services?

Of course, that probably isn't going to happen. When you look at your analytics you'll see that most of the visitors to your website don't fill out a form or contact you. Chances are they aren't a new visitor, but they haven't seen a lot of your work either, they are somewhere in between a visitor and a lead.Inbound marketing with hubspot brings new business leads at less cost than outbound marketing

The goal of your website should be to help them along that path and become a lead.

That's where Inbound Marketing comes into play, and further more Hubspot software. We've used Hubspot for quite awhile and enjoy the software.

Analytics are unmatched, and with the use of the software we have helped several companies get more B2B leads. Read along this tutorial to find out how we use inbound marketing and Hubspot to get more leads for our clients. 

Step 1- Set up Hubspot with Keywords Your Lead is Using to Search on Google

Hubspot's keyword tool helps you search keywords your leads are looking for. The key is to think like they do, and use the words you believe they will be using.

Consider the problems they are searching to solve and use these as your keywords. Hubspot will then show you how difficult it is to rank for those keywords and what your current ranking is. 

Step 2- Write QUALITY Content Around These And Related Keywords

The smarter search engines like Google become, the more they realize when they are being tricked. Recent changes have made it blatantly obvious when marketers are playing with the system, and writers need to be very careful not to over use keywords.

The name of the game is Latent Semantic Index or LSI, content that naturally goes together. For instance, when you talking about dog training you often include potty training, puppy training, crates, leashes, treats, toys, muzzle, etc.

Step 3- Be Educational, Not Promotional

It is fine to mention your services where it obviously makes sense, but the purpose of a blog is to educate people about your industry.

Stop being afraid to share your ultimate secrets and make it easy for people to love your site. When this is done you can simply add calls to action under each post, and in the sidebar for those who are interested. 

Step 4- Stay On Their Radar

Using Hubspot for inbound marketing brings interent leads to your business at a lower cost than outbound marketingEmail, social media, and blog subscriptions make it easy to stay on your leads radar.

Hubspot will put your social media buttons on your site, but you should consider putting your own calls to action for social media, subscriptions and email newsletters through out your site.

A nice feature of Hubspot is that it can rotate calls to action, then showing you which are the most effective. Make sure your landing pages are related to your calls to action.

Step 5- Make it SIMPLE to Contact You

Once someone is ready to make a purchase, they need to easily find your contact information. With Hubspot you can place forms all over your website, and you should. At the top of your website there should be a Contact link. 

Step 6- Check Your Analytics

There is a tipping point analytic in Hubspot that shows you how many pages a visitor has viewed on your website. Using the tipping scale you can take notice of what point someone turns into a sale, and then drive repeat visitors to reach that number as well. 

When you are checking analytics, be sure to see how well you are ranking, and where links are coming from, then you can contact other related sites to get content on their websites as well. 

Inbound marketing has become one of the least expensive ways to get more B2B leads for a business. The problem is, it's easy to make inbound marketing mistakes, so if you have any trouble be sure to ask for help. 

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