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Hubspot Software User Tips - Making Email Marketing More Effective

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jul 17, 2015 2:30:00 PM

Effective Email Marketing   Hubspot User Software Tips

Acquiring Internet leads for your business via your website is invigorating. When visitors coming to your website are interested in hearing more about what your company can do for them - your  customer acquisition strategy is working.

But the excitement that comes from generating business leads often ends when those leads don’t purchase products or services right away. Since the primary focus when launching a website is on getting visitor traffic, making the email marketing process work effectively may get overlooked. Try these 4 ways to Wow new visitors.

Targeting BOFU, MOFU and TOFU Leads with Email

Email marketing utilizing the concepts of lead nurturing is a practice that many companies could handle more effectively whether they are on Hubspot or another Internet marketing platform.

Remember your business website will attract new business leads at different stages of their purchasing cycle. Hubspot uses the terms BOFU, MOFU and TOFU to classify the leads businesses receive via form submissions on their websites. A bottom of the funnel visitor may be ready to purchase while MOFU and TOFU visitors are looking for information on products or services and seeking out companies that they trust.

When a BOFU lead (bottom of the funnel lead) doesn’t purchase the sales and marketing process is not over. When you receive a MOFU lead (middle of the funnel lead) or a TOFU lead (top of the funnel lead) they will likely not be ready to purchase either.

So email marketing becomes a very useful tool for keeping your brand present in your customer’s world. Think of the sales process as an evolving conversation with your potential customers. When your customers have received enough valuable information from your company to trust your products or services then Internet leads and sales will follow.

Utilizing Your Email Marketing Tools Effectively

What happens to the business leads that connect with your company through your website right now?

Are they given their download page and added to a queue of emails that complement the offer they were presented?

Do they receive an email welcoming them for contacting you and providing them with more information about your company?

If not, your company needs to more effectively manage and nurturethese business leads. You may need to rethink your current email marketing strategy.

Understanding the Benefits of Email Marketing and Automation

Could you personally answer every lead that comes through your website? At first, when you get a couple a week, you might be able to. But how about when you are receiving 10 or more per day? This might also help: Marketing Tips for Beginners.

Even with just a few marketing leads, you can save valuable time by using an email autoresponder program that allows you to segment and scheduled your emails over a period of time.

  • Save time responding to leads personally

  • Vet leads to understand their true interest in working with you

  • Less hassle configuring who is responding to what leads and when

  • Prepare leads for more advanced sales offers

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Elements

If you’re a Hubspot you have access to their robust email marketing module. Get comfortable using it and provide useful information to potential customers. In other words use your email marketing strategy and lead nurturing capabilities to keep your leads “warm”. 

Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns - A Few Steps to Follow:

A) If you are just getting started using Hubspot for email marketing, than you can follow this tutorial:

B) Follow the steps listed below if you are unsure of how to start nurturing your Internet leads using your email campaign or of what to say to potential customers when contacting them:

    1. Welcome email: Thank the potential customer for subscribing. Provide them with access to the download they’ve requested and then explain a little more about your company and how you can help them.

    2. A few days later: Ask how they enjoyed the download and provide another link or two from your site where they can get more information related to the material they’ve requested. Include how you can assist them if they have specific questions and how to contact you or your team.

    3. A week after their download: Give them links to your latest blog posts and offer a them a landing page that takes them further down your sales funnel (from TOFU to MOFU or BOFU).

    4. Schedule additional email updates per your Customer Persona Strategies: Follow up with more content that speaks to potential customers about your industry.

Your emails should include information for your social media accounts, provide links to other locations your content can be found online and provide tools that will make your customers lives easier (your prospects will love this). 

Take the Time to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

  • Acquire New Leads with Landing Pages

  • Segment Leads by Personas and Categories

  • Engage and Track Leads via Email and Analytics

  • Cultivate Trust with Quality Content and Offers

  • Sell Products or Services to Qualified Customers

The timetable above describes the steps for your email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns. Email strategy is as important as blogging when it comes to comparing the results of inbound marketing tools. You can market qualify leads and potential customers on an ongoing basis using email without having to personally walk each one through the sales process.

If you still have questions about Email Marketing methodology or are having trouble setting up your Hubspot email platform effectively contact Digital Inbound and we’ll provide guidance and support for your business or marketing team.

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