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Inbound Marketing Basics: Attract, Convert, Clo$e

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jun 4, 2014 1:15:00 AM

The science of the human mind tells us for a marketing message to be understood, we need to first hear or see it 6 times before we understand that message is being targeted to us. It then takes another 6 impressions for us to receive and acknowledge each message.

So while you may feel that advertisers who repeat a message several times during a broadcast are wasting money,  they are in fact aptly applying their understanding of psychology and human behavior.

This video above explains the "Basics of Inbound Marketing Techniques":

Inbound Marketing Basics: Attract, Convert, Close


The steps for applying Inbound Marketing Methodology are:

  1. Inbound Marketing Basics: 1st step is attracting the right visitor to your web presence

  2. 1) Attract the right visitors to your web presence

  3. Inbound Marketing Basics: 2nd step is using calls to action and special landing pages to help convert the visitor to a lead

2) Convert those visitors into leads

Inbound Marketing Basics: using email marketing and progressive forms and more offers will helo close the business lead

3) Close qualified leads by turning them into paying customers
which grows and sustains your business

The complete Inbound Marketing chart, which can be found on the home page of this site, shows all of the steps and the associated techniques utilized in each step.  The chart below shows the flow required for taking strangers through the marketing process and turning them into paying customers.

Attract, Convert, Close and Delight are the main Steps and techniques for each phase of the inbound marketing process

Most marketers and business owners have seen the traditional sales funnel. Prospects flowing into the top of the funnel and the funnel narrowing towards the bottom. Everyone is striving to get more prospects into the top because the bottom is so narrow.

Inbound Marketing takes a somewhat counter intuitive approach. If we get better prospects into the top, qualify them and then nurture them more effectively as they slide down the funnel, the result is a wider bottom and a better close ratio for those that enter the top of the marketing funnel.

Let's take another look at our Inbound Marketing Strangers to Customers flowchart. This view take the chart above, rotates it 90 degrees, widens the top and narrows the bottom.

The Inbound Methodology on its side creates a sales funnel aligned to the Inbound marketing Methodogy
We now have a "sales funnel". Inbound Marketing methodology provides the support and process for our sales funnel. If we use Inbound Masrketing techniques effectively we get better, more qualified prospects in to the top.  By "nurturing" prospects better as we pull them down the funnel the bottom becomes wider. The result... we are able to close a higher ratio of prospects because we have created "Marketing Qualified Leads" before turning them over to the sales people to close them. Invound Marketing creates a sales funnel approach augmented by detailed instructions and techniques for each step in the process : Attract, Convert, Close!

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