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How to Create Irresistible Content Marketing Offers

Posted by Terry Hayes

Jun 11, 2014 5:36:00 PM

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Every marketer has the job of getting a potential buyer to say “Yes” to a product or service. But how can anyone figure out the psychology of such a large audience?

Here are some content marketing strategies and tips you can use to make your offers more irresistible:

1.     Create a sense of scarcity

Any economist will tell you that, when supply goes down, demand goes up. If we’re afraid that something is in short supply, we have an instinct to want it even more. Whether it’s through an offer for a “Limited Time Only!” or a limited quantity of products, we see that consumers will flock toward the offer more than they would for a run-of-the-mill sale or discount. A good example of the scarcity effect is Groupon, which uses both limited time and limited quantity offers on its discounts to generate business.

2.     Get others onto the bandwagon

Human beings are a very social species, so we tend to follow the larger community’s trends and interests. That’s why another tactic of lead generation is to persuade potential buyers through the sheer scale of your consumer base. Citing numbers, like having 40,000 subscribers to your blog or over 130,000 attending your event, not only brings in accurate statistics to your side, but also creates a sense of community.

3.     Get inspiration from the latest press coverage

Your content marketing strategy shouldn’t be created inside a vacuum. One common route for building leverage with your audience is a technique known as “newsjacking.” By focusing your offers on “what’s hot,” you can convert more leads by targeting them according to their biggest interests. One way to do this would be to focus your marketing offers on social media platforms that enjoy a rising popularity, like Twitter and Pinterest.

4.     Create an amazing and inspiring title

The difference between a good title and a bad one is that interested audience members will click on the link to a good title and ignore the bad one. Despite conventional wisdom, people do judge a book by its cover. They’re more likely to jump onto a title like “5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship” than a bland title like “Examining Options for Social Interaction.”

5.     Develop different paths for different buyers

Not all buyers can be approached equally. Not every Call to Action has to automatically drive a potential consumer toward a sale. Most buyers will want to do their research before committing to a product, which is why it’s a good idea to have secondary Calls to Action to give them that option. Providing links to free trials, product demos, and ebook guides can go a long way to engaging your audience and keeping their interest in what you’re selling.

6.     Get rid of corporate jargon

You might have heard so many buzzwords thrown around the office, but when engaging your audience, you’ll find that such jargon has no meaning to the average buyer. Terms like the following have been overexposed and should be kept out of your offers:

  • “Next generation”

  • “Flexible”

  • “Robust”

  • “Cutting edge”

  • “Mission critical”

  • “Scalable”

  • “Easy to use”

  • “Ground breaking”

7.     Use a format that your audience considers “high-value”

Some formats are better at converting leads than others. The only way to find out is to get a sense of how your audience responds. Are they more likely to tune in for:

  • A whitepaper?

  • An ebook?

  • On-demand video?

  • Blog posts?

  • Demo requests?

To get the most out of your content marketing, you’ll need to test out a few different concepts and approaches. Thanks to Web statistic aggregators and other tools, you can easily track which formats perform better with your consumers.

With these points in your content marketing strategy, you can develop a comprehensive roadmap for how to reach every corner of your audience and make your offers irresistible to each consumer.

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