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Breaking Into New Markets on Facebook

Posted by David C Aaronson

Oct 2, 2019 3:19:40 PM

Social Media like Facebook is an important part of an inbound marketing plan

Do you find yourself stuck on Facebook, talking to the same old audience over and over again? Over time, you and that audience can get tired of each other. You need new markets and new people with which to connect. What's the best marketing strategy to get you out of your Facebook marketing strategy rut and into new peoples' social media feeds?

Facebook Advertising Is Different From Google Ads 

If your business loves Google Ads, you run the risk of doing Facebook ads all wrong. Google Ads are based on keywords. According to Wordstream, "usually, someone who types “buy fine point Sharpie pens” into Google is on the hunt for some insanely dope, reasonably priced writing utensils." Facebook advertising, on the other hand, is all about who you're talking to and what businesses they follow, not what they are typing. This is more nuanced than a Google Ad, but it can also be far more fruitful since people who are excited about your business will not only buy your products themselves, but they'll also go on to tell their friends by sharing online.

Your Audience Matters 

In recent years, Facebook has changed its algorithms so that your organic reach declines, giving you an incentive to purchase advertising. This has worked well for the company. According to Neil Patel, "92 percent advertise on Facebook. That is almost every single marketer." However, if everyone's yelling at once, it's hard to hear any one business. What's the key to Facebook promotional success? The key to Facebook success isn't in the ad, necessarily. It's in your audience. Finding an engaged audience can yield a high ROI for your Facebook advertising. 

Get to Know Your Existing Audience

You might think that you know who you're talking to on Facebook, but have you really delved into your demographics? The first step to finding new audiences is understanding who you're talking to right now.  Then you can see where you need to move in the future. Take a specific look at the "lifestyle" and "job description" sections of your Facebook insights page. There, you'll get some additional insights into who your Facebook audience is and what appeals to them.  You can also see where they spend their money.

Facebook advertising has become more popular and is now part of many marketing plans

Finding New Markets 

The best new markets are those that are invested in your field but don't know much about you yet. How can you find them? 

Look at your competition and at other people and businesses in your area of work. For instance, you might sell home decorating products. If you'd like to market to people who are interested in kitchen renovations, look up kitchen remodeling companies, accounts that have renovation tips, and the like, and find people who follow them. Then target your Facebook advertising. You won't be talking only to your Facebook audience who may be interested in interior design generally or might be undertaking a completely different renovation project at the moment. You'll be talking with people who are obviously very invested in a kitchen renovation. 

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