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Posted by Paula Brown

Sep 8, 2016 6:36:55 PM

Formulas for life come in many forms and every story has a story to tell and follow.

“Effectiveness equals motivation multiplied by confidence, multiplied again by concentration, and reduced by resistance.” quotes Serge Kahili King, PhD / (Kahuna, Big Island, HA) with his Master Formula for Success.* Does your “story” follow this simple formula? In business, in life?

Using Huna philosophy gives positive, creative, and effective guidance for my business. Here’s my quick “share” interpretation of The Master Formula for Success and how following this “formula” helps me help others with creative storytelling:

E = Effectiveness
What is the measure of success? This is how you solve folk’s problems, stuck and pain points. For me, it is the effectiveness of what I produce for others that helps them clearly and communicate their story in visuals; from quick illustrating small to big meeting key facts, sketching learning travel, program visual facilitating, to web blog single art or one-on-one Sketch Quest recordings. My contribution is effective if audiences are understanding the key facts being offered, they are on the same “story page” of what my client is communicating. If your plan, service, talent solves your client’s issue (of course in a timely and quality manner!)…that is “Effectiveness”, period. You have actually “told” your story in an effective manner. Your client calls you back for more solutions, more services, more product, and passes you on to others.

E = MC2

Effectiveness equals motivation multiplied by confidence, multiplied again by concentration. Increase your motivation…increase your effectiveness. Take advantage of the positives you all ready own, add to that a CLEAR vision of what your goal’s success will bring to your business and or life. Step into that “vision” with bold confidence (your mantra could be a simple “I deserve to succeed my goal” (name it!!!).) along with focused concentration and you have some pretty powerful and empowering forward momentum. With keeping your final goal always in site, confidence and concentration can and will get you past those speed bumps, obstacles, plan and strategy adjustments, that always seem to happen with change!

Illustrate; actually DRAW OUT your process, goal, plan. You can make a visual “symbol” to represent a goal (a giant gold star, a check for a million dollars, your program venue with a “sold out” sign on it). This can be a visual touchstone for you or your team (What do you think those tall earning goal “thermometers” are all about in fund raising!). A great way to help get your concentration focused; keep you on target, with all the details from point A to point B.

Clearing paths to success is how Inbound Marketing helps you attract and close qualified leads leading to your success.

E = MC2 – R

Resistance…that is what decreases effectiveness. Do you or your team feel fear or anxiety when change happens? Fact of life: change is the normal ingredient of moving forward, of learning new things, of boldly going about changing the present condition to make things more productive, prosperous, creative, fun, and balanced.

In my experience with brand evolution, visions, strategies, visual, and copy change has to occur in order to reflect and refresh ever-changing business realities. There is a desire for security as change ensues. Resistance is all that “stuff” that we create obstacles with as we wish to protect our known turf, our status, and our past accomplishments. It is wise to put together thorough plans that state budgets, process, goals, team and partner responsibilities. Getting bogged down with too much input, trying to please everyone, etc. is where the action or effectiveness stops, the motivation becomes pedestrian, and the concentration and confidence is splintered. (Note to self: “true leadership” comes in to break up the logjams.)

One way to feel safe; break up resistance is to have your “stuck” story both written and sketched out so all can come back to the path of effectiveness. If you are too far “off path”, then drawing that out with quick sketches is an unintimidating creative way to show and tell so all can get back into the effectiveness boat and sail forward to success!

Using the right story telling techniques will enhance building a stream of qualified leads to you business.
Unlimited achievement:
As Serge Kahili King also mentions: “Effectiveness is a universal, powerful, unconscious drive. Adding conscious desires makes it even more powerful. Adding skill, derived from knowledge, experience, and practice, turns it into a potential force for unlimited achievement.”**

One way to show your effectiveness and carry others with you as you succeed is to dynamically SHOW your story. Quick sketch recording adds a creative and unique visual fingerprint of your personal communication or storytelling. Tell your story so ALL can follow, draw it! Give me a call and let’s do some picture-storming to create greater effectiveness for you now!

Thanks for sharing my favorite “Master Formula” for success!

I’m Paula Brown; Visual Scribe / Purpose Discovery Coach / Author. I am a visual storyteller and "purpose coach" showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: 

*page 163, **page 167 (His book is great!): “Huna. Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living”. Serge Kahili King, PhD

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