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Digital Marketing Agency vs. DIY Online Advertising

Posted by David C Aaronson

Apr 4, 2016 4:00:00 PM

A PPC campaign makes an excellent online advertising option, but only when used strategically. It takes years to learn all the jargon and industry standards associated with online advertising, which is why you might want to work with a digital marketing agency instead of taking the DIY approach.

You Have a Business to Run

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Why Make it More Complex Than Necessary?

You have employees to manage, budgets to write, products to order, and equipment to maintain. When you add a PPC campaign to your to-do list, you're facing an uphill battle with potential burn-out at the top.

To run a successful online advertising campaign, you must

  • research the market
  • compare keywords
  • negotiate contracts.

A digital marketing agency handles all of that for you, boosting your efficiency and leaving you with improved results.

You Need Contacts to Excel

Unless your business revolves around the online marketing space, you lack the contacts necessary to run an effective online advertising campaign. From ad networks to affiliates, your business's campaign depends on a network of professionals and services.

Digital marketing agencies already possess those contacts. More importantly, they know which ad networks looks for which types of partners and won't waste time pitching the wrong people.

Additionally, agencies have access to powerful tools and resources with high subscription fees. Rather than paying for your own license, you outsource your PPC campaign to professionals who already have one.

You Don't Have Time to Test

A PPC campaign requires consistent management. From testing new keywords and landing pages to tracking conversions and clicks, you don't have time to collect the data, analyze the numbers, and develop fresh approaches.

Companies like Digital Inbound use sophisticated tracking and data analysis tools to formulate long tail keywords, create targeted SEO plans, and attend to all the other crucial details of inbound marketing.

You're Competing Against Big Brands

The top ten retailors and luxury brands in the world use PPC advertising to drive their sales and increase brand awareness with many of the retailors spending more then the luxury brands on PPC according to Internet Retailor.

Smaller companies need each dollar to work harder for them on the Internet. Since a digital marketing agency employees seasoned professionals, they can generate faster and greater ROI.

You're Dealing with Evolving Technology

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Some of your potential customers click on the go.

Just a few years ago, PPC campaigns concerned themselves with ads that appeared only on laptops and desktop PCs. Now, however, these marketing strategies must also incorporate mobile technology.

For example, up to 8 percent of mobile device users prefer to click on PPC ads that display phone numbers or include built-in phone clicking, according to B2C. It's easy for them to click on the number to make the call immediately. Your campaign must adjust to make allowances for changes in user habits.

You're Too Close for Effective Branding Identification

It's why you ask your spouse how you look before you head out the door. You could simply look in the mirror, but your personal biases encourage you to reply on someone else's opinion.

You love your business and you've spent money and time perfecting it. Hiring a digital marketing agency hands the reins over to an objective third party who can examine your brand and pair it logically with advertising partners.

Digital marketing requires significant time and resources. While the DIY approach might seem less expensive in the beginning, it could cost you thousands of dollars in potential revenue and wasted time.

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