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How to Get More Leads: Less Pushing, More Pulling

Posted by David C Aaronson

Feb 22, 2016 6:30:00 AM


If you've ever tried to get into a building by pushing on a door only to find out that you needed to pull it instead, you know how silly this feels. Why didn't you think of that strategy in the first place? We often get stuck in our habits, and the habit of the push is just like any other. If you're stuck in your marketing strategies, how can change your push into a pull and draw new leads into your company? 

Pull Versus Push 

When you're engaged in traditional outbound marketing, your focus is the push. You collect information about your leads, and you send out information that's targeted to their interests. After the push, you wait for the customers to come so that they can enter your marketing funnel, and you push them along this funnel with marketing asks until they reach your destination: the sale. 

Sales don't need to work this way. Wouldn't it be fantastic if your customers came to you instead? In the new world of inbound marketing, many sales begin with a pull, rather than a push. By creating content that speaks to your prospective customers, you draw your customers in and then pull them through the marketing funnel with content and resources that are increasingly targeted to their needs.

Creating a Magnet 

One of the foundations of pull marketing is excellent content. Giving your customers information about your business not only engages them, but it also shows that you are a topic expert. As they read or watch, they form a relationship with your company that draws them into your business.

How do you create this pull? Yes, you need frequent doses of high-quality content, but there's more to it than that. By examining the ways in which leads search for that content and by analyzing the popularity of your blog posts, you can target your content, your keywords, your writing style, and even your layout, length, and design of your posts to provide the best pull for your readers. 


Do your leads feel inundated with offers? Try pulling them in instead of pushing out advertising.


Targeted Landing Pages Help Pull People In 

In addition to a solid core of content, you can create a more customized website experience for your readers. This helps pull your leads into the specific marketing funnel that would interest them. You might start with a guest blog on another site, and if that's aimed at a target group, you can send those clicks directly to a targeted landing page. For instance, if parents or teachers might purchase your produce, an article on a teaching site would send readers directly to a landing page targeted towards the needs of teachers. As you pull your readers along, provide them with opportunities to choose their path within your site so that you can give them the targeted information they desire.

Content That Asks for Commitment 

Once you've pulled your leads into your site and they've gotten excited about your quality content, you can promise more. eBbooks, webinars, video series, and other high-value items are excellent incentives to pull customers further into your site or encourage them to give you contact information. By examining what specific resources your leads have chosen, you can customize their experience and learn more about their specific needs, and when you do ask, you can ask them to buy what would interest them the most. 

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