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How to Get Sales Leads Through Great Content

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jul 29, 2015 6:34:00 PM

Sales leads and good business leads can easily come from Social Media if executed correctly

SEO builds your social network.

You have a site for your business, but does it speak to your customers? In this web-based world it's critical to have a strong online presence. You want your site to draw in visitors and make you a respected source in your industry. How to Get Sales Leads Through Great Content 

The key to an outstanding web presence does not include stuffing your site with the keywords. That antiquated strategy might bring customers in initially, but if there's nothing there to keep them on the site, they'll leave unfulfilled. At best, they'll forget you. At worst, your site will have made a bad impression.

You've thought a lot about the services that you provide. Why not write up these thoughts in a blog post or use them in the content that you create for the core of your web site? For businesses, like consulting companies, that are paid to deliver sage advice to their clients, it's especially important to place thoughtful content on the web. Your current and future clients will thank you, engage with you online, and visit your business for more. 

SEO is Important Because It Helps You Connect With Your Audience 

While a site that focuses solely on keywords isn't the answer, you still need to think about SEO when you're writing copy. Why? It helps you play to your market. If you look at what people search for and how they're getting to your site, you can respond to their needs and write content specifically for them. You'll then gather new sales leads because you've anticipated their needs and filled them.

Your Excellent Content Cultivates Sharing 

It's pretty simple: Giving your customers good service and solid advice will keep them coming back for more. It also means that your satisfied customers will go out into the world and promote you through word of mouth. The web's version of word of mouth is social media. Want to get known online? Create shareable content with a unique or informative perspective, and your online networks will share away. See What Information Should You Get from Business Leads

Sales leads / business leads are created by creating relatinoships which can start with providing good content.
Build real life relationships through great content.


Great Content Draws Visitors to Your Door 

After all of that word of mouth comes something else: linking. If you're interested in an article, you may share it, and if you write your own content you'll probably link to it. Share your musings about the common problems in your field, and you'll not only engross your readers, you could become a respected source. Links build your online community and also draw in sales leads and add to your ranking on search engines. Your site becomes a hub that's cited by others in your line of work. 

If you're working to build excellent content on your web site, check in with us. We'll help you draw in new business leads through content that works for your customers.


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