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How to Get Targeted Traffic via Facebook

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 16, 2016 5:00:00 PM

Targeted traffic is better than just any traffic as it is easier to convert that traffic to leads

Getting traffic to your website is important. Moving targeted traffic is better. Having visitors who are interested in your product makes it easier to convert visitors to customers. More companies are using social media to snag visitors, particularly Facebook. There are multiple reasons for doing this.

Facebook Advertising Is Growing

A recent study revealed that the average company spends about 9.4 % of their  advertising budget on Social Media. This number has increased since then as advertisers are joining groups, posting and giving Facebook users something to share. Joining groups is a perfect way to find those who share a company's enthusiasm. For example, a company that makes cookware would benefit from joining groups dedicated to cooking to build targeted traffic.

Use Facebook to Interact

Facebook is a great venue for interacting with potential or existing customers. Sometimes complaints appear on Facebook pages, and taking this opportunity to show how much you value your customer's concerns by responding quickly builds the company's reputation for caring. In addition, when someone leaves a comment to a post, reply. The person will most probably "like" your comment and share it among friends. This interaction can bring targeted traffic to your website.

Advertising on Facebook

Advertisements on Facebook are less expensive than others. If a Facebook user has indicated an interest in a particular subject, the ads will be displayed on the user's page. This is the epitome of targeting potential customers and leading them to your website.

Use Content to Capture a Facebook Following

Facebook users enjoy well-written content, so focusing your best efforts at providing that is essential to building a strong Facebook presence. Presenting interesting, new information is vital. Search engines lock onto new posts, so raising your search engine rank is positively affected. Everything from examples of how to achieve something to answering questions is useful.

Pictures are King

Visuals capture the attention of Facebook users. It is unquestionably the first thing they see and what they remember most if the picture is exceptional. Pictures and videos are shared most often, so incorporating yourFacebook is a key compaonent of any social media campaign to bring targetted visitors to a site. product into the picture works. The type of picture is also important. Including endearing pictures into an article on pet food or in a widely watched beer commercial has enjoyed a large following. This targeted traffic is easily transferred to a website where leads are generated.

Generating Leads

There are two ways to generate leads from Facebook. Using shares will get visitors to your landing page. Alternately, direct leads will arrive at your landing page and be invited to provide information about themselves in exchange for an eBook,  a newsletter or some other item of value. Since photos are an integral part of Facebook, using links in captions often works well.

Using targeted traffic from Facebook to get visitors to your website in order to begin the conversion process is effective. Not only is this mode of action favorable, but it is a great source of inbound traffic. Using this format in your digital marketing, is an excellent way to convert website traffic to sales.

Facebook Fans into Customers

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