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How to Make a Landing Page That Converts

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jan 28, 2016 9:51:00 AM

Landing pages are key components in an inbound marketing campaign for converting visitors

Your landing page can draw in your customers or send them packing.

Your landing page is lovely, and your SEO is spot on. There's just one problem: your landing page doesn't convert. How can you make sure that the people who come to your site turn from prospective customers into satisfied buyers? 

Be Unique 

When you think customers, think custom. When customers visit your site, they're looking for content that speaks to their unique needs. If your landing page simply talks about your product without the context of the customer, you may not have as much success. Using tools such as HubSpot, you can create landing pages that are unique to different customer groups, funneling those groups to those pages from different online venues.

Be Credible 

Your landing page should establish you as a credible authority. Have strong and professional visual branding, and keep your feel similar throughout your site and your landing page. Keep a similar written tone throughout the site. Ask for references to highlight on your page, and establish credibility by showing the results of your work. 

Be Focused 

Why do you have a landing page? Your landing page isn't just a hello, it's a call to action for your customers. The page describes your product, but it does it with intent: to get your customers to take further action and to buy your product. All of your visual and written cues on the landing page must speak to that goal. When you have a cluttered landing page, prospective buyers can get lost in the shuffle through the page.

Be the Cheerleader

Why should your customers take action? Be creating a sense of enthusiasm and urgency, you can move customers to new parts of your web site, ask them to sign up for your newsletter or social media accounts, or let them know about an amazing sale offer that lasts for this upcoming week. Whatever you're selling, you're there to generate a sense that your customer needs to click now rather than going to another site.

using a Landing page in your inbound marketing campaign helps convert visitors into new business leads

Directions matter. Your page should be ready to seal the deal with your customers.

Be the Navigator 

A good navigator makes sure that no one gets lost. Even if your page is clear and concise, you want to make sure that your customers know where they need to go to take further action. Whether they sign up for a free trial or get further information about a product, you want your customers to act. With words or images, clearly direct them to the action you want them to take. 

Be Sure of Yourself 

All of the above items can be challenging to pin down. It's not always easy to write copy that converts or to create a brand image that's professional but accessible. Your landing page should change over time to get better, and to do this, you need to test to see what works for your customers. Try different landing pages and track the results. Where did customers click? How quickly did they move into or off of your site? Get your data and see what works, then change your landing pages to incorporate that information in the future. 

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