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How to Maximize Your Newsletter for Lead Generation

Posted by David C Aaronson

Apr 15, 2016 4:30:00 PM

Even in the age of social media and mobile web browsing, consumers still appreciate deliverables. They want to hold something in their virtual hands and feel as though they've received something of value. That's just one way a company newsletter helps generate leads.

Lead generation requires a focused newsletter strategy. Use these tips to make your newsletter work harder for your company each time you click Send.

Create a Reason to Sign Up

Lead generation

Before you can generate leads, potential
customers must opt in to your newsletter.


Visitors to your Web site and social media pages don't owe you their email addresses. To entice them, offer a benefit to signing up for your newsletter, such as a free whitepaper or a sweepstakes entry.

Make the sign-up benefit as unique as possible so your offer remains competitive. If you run a retail site, for example, offer a discount code that only works at your virtual storefront.

Gate-protected blog or Web site content also works well. Protect this content behind a password to which readers only gain access when they sign up. You might publish videos, articles, or infographics with valuable information.

Announce Your Newsletter

You probably offer a newsletter sign-up form on your Web site, but what about potential customers who never visit that page? Think about the places where your target audience might congregate.

Start with social media. Facebook, for example, now offers a call-to-action button for pages. Use it to direct visitors to your newsletter.

Fine-Tune the Subject Line

Spend more time on each newsletter's subject line than you do on any other section of the document. Write 10-15 possibilities, then narrow them down after analyzing each one. Think about lead generation language that will guide readers into the body of the message.

Consider adding the recipient's name to the subject line or asking a probing question. Make it as personal as possible to discourage recipients from deleting it. According to digital marketing advisers Convince and Convert, almost 70 percent of respondents to a survey admitted to dismissing emails as spam based solely on the subject line.

Narrow Your Focus

If you want your newsletters to generate leads, create a specific goal for each newsletter. Decide how you want recipients to respond, then craft your message around that focus.

If you want readers to purchase a product or service using a coupon code, for example, consider hitting a pain point. Talk about a problem that relates to the product or service, then detail how the subject of the coupon resolves that problem.

Get to the Point

Lead generation

Focus on sharing what your readers need to know - nothing else.

Your readers lead busy lives, so don't try to waste their time - try, because most will simply hit the delete button or archive the email rather than wading through hefty paragraphs.

Hook readers with an engaging headline, then dive right into the meat of your newsletter. If the content takes longer than a couple minutes to skim, dive in with your virtual red pen and start slashing.

Share an Anecdote

Your customers want to know how your business might benefit them. Demonstrate by example; share an anecdote or case study about a client's success.

You're telling your senders, "This is what we did for someone else; we'd like to replicate those results for you." If the client happens to inspire brand recognition, you'll improve your authority, to boot.

A company newsletter generates leads by connecting you to your readers and creating trust among them. If you focus on lead generation, you'll enjoy greater success with each newsletter you send.

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