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Inbound Marketing: Your Free Website Traffic Generator

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 13, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Is it really true that inbound marketing can almost be considered a free website traffic generator? Well, when you consider how inexpensive it is to generate high-quality content, then yes, it really can be a zero-cost marketing solution. However, they key is to do it properly.

Unfortunately, producing thought-provoking content is often much easier said than done for some companies. So, what is it that some companies do better than others when it comes to generating targeted traffic through inbound marketing? More importantly, how does it all fit together?

1) Content That Makes Sense

Far too many companies try to mold, twist and configure their content around "fixed" keywords and keyword-phrases rather than focusing on how those keywords should be placed naturally within the content. Instead of using convoluted keywords that seem out of place, focus on inflected or plural versions of the keyword, ones where the reader isn't forced to reread a given sentence again and again in order to better understand its meaning.

Nothing is worse for a website visitor than to read a poorly written webpage, one where it's obvious the company is more focused on keywords than they are on delivering engaging content. Users are well aware of the role played by today's search engines. As such, they can easily spot content that is trying to "game the system" as opposed to content that is geared towards providing a much-needed and highly-valued solution.


Inbound marketing

Yes, Content is still king--when it makes sense!

2) Videos That Engage an Audience

The best enterprises know that well-written content alone won't get the job done. In fact, an argument can easily be made that today's consumers would much rather watch an engaging video than read through a non-descript webpage or navigate an extensive website.

Videos are the new medium of choice for companies looking to create business opportunity leads. Clear, well-defined videos that engage audiences are guaranteed to illicit responses - provided those videos are concise, to-the-point and end with a definitive call-to-action.

Be bold with your videos. Speak directly to your audience and connect with them by being positive and upbeat. Start by addressing their most pressing concerns and biggest fears and then show how your company, its products and its services can best remove these fears and concerns. Customers want a solution and you need to provide them with exactly that.

3) A Strong Social Media Platform That Simplifies Sharing

Make it easier for your customers to share your content. Having a strong social media presence involves much more than just having a Facebook or Twitter icon on your website's sidebar. It means having clearly visible sharing buttons and icons that scroll with the page. This ensures that users can instantaneously propel your best content to friends, colleagues and like-minded individuals. Social media is an excellent free website traffic generator when you commit yourself to using it properly.  

4) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Images, Graphs and Infographics

Bright, vivid and colorful images are a critical portion of creating good content. In fact, combining video and eye-catching imagery is the surest way to keep your audience engaged. However, don't just stick with impactful and stunning imagery. Instead, use graphs and info-graphics when customers need a visual depiction of how your product and service can help them.

5) A Clear Value Assertion

Your customers must immediately be able to ascertain what your company is about, what it offers, and most importantly, why they should be interested. That only comes from having a well-defined and easily-recognized value assertion. Your visitors must immediately recognize your passion for the subject matter.

Be bold. Be fearless and most importantly, be direct and assertive. Connecting with your audience is more than just babbling on about your product's features and benefits. Instead, it's about understanding your audience, knowing what they want and need, and being willing to put forth a unique solution they've yet to hear about.


Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing can help you reach a global audience!

So, how does all this fit together? First, it comes down to having a keyword-focused inbound marketing strategy, one where those keywords are replicated throughout your website's content and online advertising campaigns. Second, it involves researching which content produces the most targeted traffic and duplicating results. Finally, it involves engaging your audience on social media so that you create a constant, ready-made source of internet leads.

Yes, inbound marketing can be a free website traffic generator. However, success depends upon your willingness to constantly raise the bar on content creation. Don't settle. Keep your target audience engaged and wanting more.

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