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Lead Generation Tip: Create a Quiz

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Lead generation is a constant concern for any business

Quizzes can be used to generate leads.

Capturing leads is a primary goal of inbound marketing. The Internet provides companies with a vast audience to whom they can advertise their products or service. However, sales are dependent on gathering information about that audience and finding a way to engage them, ultimately funneling traffic to the company's website. Procuring information that enables a business to interact with potential customers often relies on determining what the potential customer likes and dislikes and what they need or want. To do this many marketers are turning to quizzes as a lead generation tip.

The Psychology of the Quiz

A quiz presents the quiz taker with a finite number of possible answers to particular questions through which the individual is able to learn something about how he or she relates to the topic. For instance, a quiz about what type of dog you are lets someone learn about hidden traits such as protectiveness or loyalty that he or she prizes in a dog. Tailoring a quiz to capture the quiz takers imagination while learning important information about their personal preferences helps both the quiz giver and taker. If a pet product company is building the quiz, funneling the individual to relevant content such as articles on dog breeds and particular products that dog owners need is the next step.

Decide What You Want to Gain From the Quiz

One of the first questions you need to answer is what do you want to gain by using a quiz. For some businesses, getting more traffic to visit their website is a priority while for others expanding their email marketing portfolio is important. Some companies want to let people know about their products or services. In the end, knowing what you hope to achieve lets you design a successful quiz. Take this marketing poll and you will see the results immediately.

Lead generation using inbound marketing techniques are the most cost effective ways to generate leads

Inbound marketing brings in leads to convert into clients.

Creating the Quiz

Selecting a quiz based on the type of business you own and what type of audience you want to attract is a good place to start. Choose a topic potential customers might be interested in. Create a headline that will capture their attention and keep it lighthearted. The quiz should utilize pointed, short questions and answers. Images used as answers are a good way to go and help to keep the person engaged. Make sure the quiz not only taps into the quiz takers needs but also relates to your products or services.

How to Funnel Quiz Takers to Pertinent Products, Services or Content

One of the main reasons for creating a quiz is to get your audience to either read the content on your website or become acquainted with your products or services. In short, getting people to try what you sell is what you want to accomplish. For instance, if your company sells ice cream, giving quiz takers coupons to use when they purchase it is a great idea. Offer to send the coupon directly to their email, and ask that they provide it before giving them the answers to the quiz. If your company provides a service, offer to send a link to their email for a white paper or e-book, allowing them to download it.

Use Social Media

Posting a quiz on social media is a good idea. Having a quiz go viral is an excellent way to get more traffic to your website. This requires that the quiz is interesting and fun. Social media users often repost such quizzes, enabling you to expand your audience exponentially.

Inbound Marketing as a Tool To Draw New Clients

Inbound marketing helps you create leads by attracting visitors to your website and converting them. Using quizzes is an excellent way to do that. Direct inbound provides lead generation tips of all kinds to help you.

Digital Inbound helps companies increase their presence on the Internet through inbound marketing techniques show to increase leads and sales. By attracting more interest through distribution of your content across the web, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites, your content can be found. This helps to bring in more clients. To find out how you can improve your lead generation, request a free Website Competitive Analysis report.

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