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This Helpful Tool Lets You Know Who Actually Opened Your Emails

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jul 5, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Imagine if you knew exactly when new business leads opened your email, what link they clicked on, and what device they opened it with. No, we're not talking about those annoying email delivery and read receipt confirmations. Instead, we're talking about a powerful app that is non-intrusive, easy-to-use, discreet, and one your customers won't even notice. Does such an app exist? It does, and it's called Hubspot Sales from and its free.

An Essential Email Marketing and Communication Tool

Regardless of whether you're emailing your customer that long-awaited and all-important business proposal, or just trying to increase the number of internet leads generated through your email marketing campaigns, having the ability to see when and how an email is received is extremely important. So, what are some of the benefits of this new tool that improves how your company generates targeted traffic?


email marketing is part of an overall marketing plan that consits of many other components

Optimize Your Email Campaigns
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• Time-Critical Feedback

Business success is all about speed of response. The Hubspot Sales app takes this to heart by providing real-time updates on all things customer-related. You'll receive immediate notifications when customers receive the email, when they open the email, and most importantly, you'll gain invaluable insight into what they clicked on, how often they clicked and what device they used.

• Essential Voice of Customer (VOC) Data

It isn't just about knowing when an email was received, but ultimately about understanding more about the person who received it. Hubspot Sales provides critical VOC data by giving you insight into the email recipient's title, the company they work for, their professional history, where they live, their social media profiles, and most importantly, any tweets they recently generated. Gaining insight into a customer's most recent online conversations is critical to understanding who they are, what they value and what they need.
• Scheduling Future Emails

The app allows you to schedule future emails by hour and date. You can then schedule reminders for yourself and your team members. This is an invaluable tool for scheduling future email marketing campaigns, email blasts and newsletters. The list you create is immediately accessible via any handheld computer or mobile device. This will empower you to respond on time, every time.

Email marketing is a vital, cost effective and essential part of any marketing plan

Upgrade Your Metrics
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• Multiple Platforms and Uses

The app is an ideal solution for salespeople looking to improve closing rates, marketing teams looking to grow their business leads and business development professionals and business owners looking to grow their online presence. The app works Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail, making it an app that is easily accessible across multiple platforms.  

According to, email marketing is the preeminent solution for reaching today's mobile customer base. It's inexpensive, quick, and easy-to-manage. Whether you're looking to increase your click through rates (CTR) on email campaigns by better understanding what works and what doesn't, or just looking to better manage how you send emails, this app is the solution and tool you need.

Anatomy of a 5 Star Email


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