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Why a Killer Call to Action is Vital for Turning Your Inbound Leads Into Customers

Posted by David C Aaronson

Feb 2, 2016 7:19:00 AM

A Call to action is one of the keys to converting visitor in to qualified business leads

Can your customers hear the call? A strong call to action can turn leads into customers. It can also fall flat. Here's how to help your prospective customers hear and heed your call to action. 

Bringing in Inbound Leads 

You have a pool of prospective customers out there in the world of the web. They're interested in buying the goods or services that you offer, and they land on your site. What do you do with them now? Your goal is to move your inbound leads from browsing to commitment.

Frame the Problem 

Your call to action begins long before you give the call. Your inbound leads need to know why they need your product or service. That way, when they hear your call to action, they'll be ready to respond.

Make it Urgent 

Don't beat around the bush: give a push instead. If your problem isn't really a problem, why would you buy? Make your call to action urgent. Use active verbs like "call" or "buy," and you'll find that your inbound leads click more often. 

Draw Attention to Your Call 

You might have a great sign, but if you place it in a dark alley no one's going to notice it. Position your call to Calls to action should draw the visitors eyes and entice them to click the buttonaction in a prominent place on your page, and surround it with white space so it's not buried in text. Use big text and contrasting colors to help it stick out from the background, or use other techniques such as pop up boxes to get your readers' attention. 

Give an Incentive 

What can you offer your customers in your call to action? It might be a discount for first time purchasers, a free trial, or another incentive. Give your inbound leads a little extra push to buy with an enticing incentive.

Keep it Simple 

Customers are browsing on your web site, and they come across a call to action. Keep your call simple. You know how it's hard to pick between ten varieties of breakfast cereal, but picking one of two is easy? Our brains feel overwhelmed with many choices, so keep your choices simple and choose them well. 

Repeat, and Repeat Again 

Your readers need to see your call to action. If it's only on the home page of your site and an inbound lead lands on another page, they may never see it. Make sure that people see your call by positioning it prominently on every page. 

Repeated Calls to action on your site will help you generate qualified new business leads

Reel Them In, and Keep on Reeling 

Once an inbound lead clicks on your call to action, what do they do then? Do they complete the process, or do they drop out? Just as you made your call to action simple, make the process of purchasing, asking for information, or adding a name to a newsletter simple as well. That way, your leads can commit to you without committing substantial time.

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