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4 Ways to Better Your Company's Blog

Posted by David C Aaronson

Mar 16, 2016 10:38:07 AM


How can your company build a better blog? The look of your blog is important, but it's what your blog achieves for your business that's really critical. Your blog is a key to a content markting strategy. If your blog is going stale, here's how to make it work for your business.

1. Know Your Audience 

Before you start the great blog renovation, what do your readers want from your blog? If you don't have much of a blog to begin with, you may not know what your readers have enjoyed in the past. Take a look at the search terms that draw people to your site, and experiment by creating posts focused around these terms. Post often, and track your traffic so that you know when you can post for the greatest impact. As your traffic increases, you'll also be able to note trends and see what length of posts and what visuals are most attractive to your reading audience.

2.Be Consistent 

Once you have an audience, they like to know what to expect and when. Be consistent in your blogging style, the type of article you post, and your publishing schedule. This will allow you to build a base of readers who count on your work. As your blog becomes more prominent, you'll develop a reputation as a trusted resource that people can turn to when they need assistance. Consistency in your content marketing is an excellent way to build your reputation and turn on the power of inbound marketing.

3. Create an Image 

Does your blog need a stylist? Excellent content is the basis of your dialogue with your customers, but if your content is hidden inside a framework that's lackluster, you might want to focus on your design as well. Work with a web developer or graphic designer to create a consistent format for your blog posts, and experiment as well to see what works best for your audience.


How do social media venues contribute to the success of your blog and your business?

4. Get Social 

Your blog shouldn't be a wallflower. You want it to shine and announce its presence to the world. To do this online, you need to encourage your readers to get social and share your blogs through social media. Make sure that you have prominent opportunities for your readers to share your content online. Add buttons and prompts for sharing, and place your content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. As you build your social media presence, focus your efforts on generating interest within the networks that are right for your business. If you're a visual business such as a tourism operator, Instagram might be your best friend, and you could ask people to contribute photos from your tours. Those who focus on sharing information might find that Twitter is more effective for their needs.

As you develop your inbound marketing strategies, your blog can be the foundation of your strong online reputation. By focusing energy on creating and maintaining a solid blogging presence, you'll develop a customer base that is dedicated to your content and to your company. Working on your digital presence? Connect with Digital Inbound to help you develop strategies to create a better blog. 

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