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5 Ways the Right Inbound Marketing Agency can Kickstart Your Content Marketing

Posted by David C Aaronson

Mar 10, 2016 6:30:00 AM

Inbound marketing is a new marketing method that is both more effective and more cost efficient

When you're trying to draw in new customers, how do you get them to visit, to explore, and to stick? You need to become a marketing magnet. If your magnetic powers have been a little lackluster, it may be time to contact an inbound marketing agency. A marketing agency can give you insider tips to help you develop a unique marketing plan and craft content that not only intrigues leads but turns them into customers.Get the Right Data

To draw in new customers, you need to get to know who they are and what they want. If you're currently focused on outbound marketing, you may not have the data that will tell you how to appeal to inbound customers. Inbound marketing is a different way of doing business and prospecting for new business leads. You need to have data on your customers' needs and problems. What search terms do they use to visit your site, and what pages do they visit, enjoy, and share? By helping you get the right data about your inbound leads, a marketing agency can help you make a plan to attract more.

Create a Communication Plan

Inbound marketing is all about communicating and building a relationship with your leads. As a company that's focused on inbound marketing, you become a trusted source of information for your customers. What information should you use to develop this profile? An inbound marketing company can help you pinpoint what content areas will help build your reputation in a specific niche and what content will appeal to your future customers.

Create a Marketing Funnel

The goal of inbound marketing is to create a relationship, but the ultimate goal is the same of that of outbound marketing: to turn leads into customers, hopefully repeat customers. To do this, you need to provide more than content. You have to consider how your lead will turn from an interested reader into an enthusiastic purchaser of your product or service. An inbound marketing agency can help you determine your customers' needs and problems and create landing pages and separate pathways on your site to appeal to different customers.

using an Inbound marketing agency is a good start to initiating an inbound marketing plan

Build relationships with innovative content and connected customer service.

Provide Solid Customer Service

Before your leads buy, they may want to engage with you about your products. How do you accommodate their need to speak with you? You will likely have a diversity of ways to talk with your customers, from an online chat function to contact forms to phone conversations. An inbound marketing agency can help you be plan when and how to offer to communicate with customers.

Understand Your Leads' Social World

When your leads visit your site and turn into customers, you want them to come back and bring their friends. Do they love contests? Are they big Twitter users? Using an inbound marketing agency, you can collect more information about the most effective means for you to encourage your leads to share positive feedback about your business.

When you're making the shift to inbound marketing, sometimes you need some expert assistance. If you'd like help turning your business into an inbound marketing magnet, contact Digital Inbound today. We can help you turn your marketing inward.

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