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6 Ways to Convert More Website Visitors to Customers

Posted by David C Aaronson

Feb 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Before one can convert a visitor to your site, you need to attract the right people to your site first

How can you get customers to flock to your business?


Hey you! Over here! Looking for new business leads? When you're looking for new customers, how do you proceed? What gets a customer to come into your business in the first place? Waht more website traffic of potential qualified leads? If you want to attract new customers, your website is a valuable tool to draw those people in. 

1. Use Your Bullhorn 

Traditional outbound marketing focuses on the bullhorn approach. You let your leads know about your products, you target your ask, and you convert your leads into paying customers. To use your bullhorn effectively, you'll need an excellent site that speaks to your customers and offers that are targeted toward their specific needs. You can use aspects of inbound marketing to help you understand those needs so that when you do want to use your bullhorn, you do so with a deep understanding of your customers.

excellent content is a key ne wo tattraxct the right kind of visitors t your web presence 

Your website should be like a magnet, drawing in new customers and piquing their curiosity.

2. Speak to Your Customers 

To draw in your customers, you need to understand them. Determine what your guests are searching for, and make sure that your blog posts are rich in those keywords, so that your page comes up first in the search engines. Look at your top-performing posts and see if you can figure out why they are attractive to your website guests. Survey incoming business leads or existing customers to see why they buy. The more you know about your customers, the better you can target your site to speak to those customers

3. Establish Your Authority 

Who are you, anyway? When a prospective customer finds your business, they want to feel like they're developing a relationship with you, a relationship of trust. When you write blogs that explain issues in your industry, your customers will understand that you're an authority in the field. Get your voice into the broader community by placing guest posts on other websites. These posts should have a link to a landing page that will attract that demographic. They'll come for the information, and you need to get them to stay for the products.

4. Use Word of Mouth

Once you have a number of satisfied customers, you'll want to share that love with others. Ask your existing customers to use social sharing and let their friends know about your site. With social media campaigns shared by friends of your business, you immediately gain credibility, since people trust their friends to give them a good recommendation.

5. Move in a Little Closer 

When a lead is on your website, it's time to move in a little closer and turn that lead into a prospective customer who's actively consuming your products, even if those products are free. Place strategic offers in different parts of your site. Whether this is an invitation to download an eBook, view a webinar, or simply add a name to an email list, these offers allow you to move a little closer to your lead and keep that lead coming back for more.

6. Provide Opportunities to Connect 

Good old-fashioned customer service is key to converting website visitors to customers. On your website pages, make it clear how customers can connect with your company. First time buyers may have questions. Can they find a live chat feature, email address, or FAQ on your pages? 

If you're working on your customer connection, Digital Inbound can help. We're an experienced marketing company that works with you to draw in your leads and convert them into longstanding customers. 

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