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10 Must Have Marketing Tips for Beginners- Come & Get Them

Posted by David C Aaronson

Sep 20, 2013 5:29:00 AM

creating a successful marketing plan can be burdensome, but is easier when using a marketing automation platform like HubspotHave you just started your own business and you need marketing tips for beginners? We are glad to help.

Below we have listed 10 tips we like to share with beginners to help them wrap their minds around effective marketing.


Know the benefits of your product or service-

Product and service providers tend to get so excited about the features in their product, they overlook the benefits.

The benefits are what sells, and are therefore important to point out. Do you know the difference?

Features- these are things that describe your product, for instance an mp3 player features 32GB of space, a 3 inch screen, and comes in 6 colors.

Benefits- these are the things that happen because of the features.

  • Show off your personality by choosing one of 6 colors.

  • Easy access to up to 4000 of your favorite songs, at a finger's touch.

  • Easily see what's playing, and who the author is with the large 3 inch screen.

Understand why people buy-

What makes people buy your product? Does it stop a pain they are having? Does it help them fit in with their friends? Or, make them feel good? When you know what makes them buy you can elaborate on that in your marketing, to increase sales.

Know who buys your product-

Who is your ideal or 'average' client? Is it a parent, teen, grandparent? Who are they buying the product for? What is their age, household income? What else do they like to do/read/or visit online?

This information helps you understand why someone buys, and what more you can provide them.

Have a marketing budget-

By knowing what your marketing budget is you can easily include/exclude certain ideas that won't fit. For example, if you only have $100 to promote your new service, you may not want to start with pay per click advertising.

Market in places where your audience is-

Once you know who your audience is, and where they gather online, you can more easily put together campaigns to promote to them. It makes the most sense to promote to them, where they are, than to promote where you want to and hope they come across it.

Care about helping your audience-

Customers are desensitized to marketing messages, but still look for useful, helpful information. If you become a useful, helpful company to them, and show that you are interested in being that, they will respond with more loyalty, respect and sales.

Answer questions about your industry-

Transparency is very important to consumers. Keep this in mind and provide the answers they are looking for in your marketing whenever possible.

Have a website-

Every company should have a website, and a budget to keep that website up to date. If someone wants to research your company at 3 AM, they should be able to easily access your website.

Remember the importance of customer service-

With social media, customer service is now done in public, surrounded by marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Keep in mind that customer service is now another way to market your company, products and services. When an interaction goes bad, it is poor marketing, when it goes well, it is better for your business.

Network with people in your industry-

networking, both face to face and Internet social media is an important part of your marketing mixNetworking has always been a part of business, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It has to be included in your marketing plans. Reaching out to others in your industry will help you get more exposure for your products that you might not be able to get otherwise. 

There is so much advice we could give someone new to marketing, but the real knowledge comes from getting started. Follow these beginner marketing tips and promote your company. If you have questions, come back, we are glad to help.


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