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Converting Inbound Leads: Do You Have the Right Formula?

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jan 18, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Inbound leads are less expensive to create than outbound leads

Who's behind the screen? Get to know your inbound leads.

Come in, come in - your site welcomes new leads, but what do you do with them when they arrive? Once you have people on your site, you need to invite them to be active participants. How can you convert your inbound leads into customers? 

Bring In Motivated Inbound Leads 

Draw in highly-motivated leads. Funnel your leads into your site using targeted inbound marketing materials such as eBooks, webinars, and other free learning materials. When your leads enjoy what you've created, they'll click on your link. Create landing pages that speak to their specific needs so that it's easy to turn these inbound leads into motivated customers. 

Put Out a Welcome Mat

Now that your customers are here, you want to welcome them. Who is your ideal customer, and what will this person get when she purchases your product? This is your product's impact. Your site must explain this impact to your inbound leads and do it in a concise and catchy way. Your leads must immediately see how your product will benefit them.

Speak Directly to Your Leads 

Your welcome message and other messaging on your site should speak directly to the needs of your incoming customers. To do this, you need to understand why your customers are there. There's a reason that your lead has landed on your site. Perhaps it's an enticing piece of writing that helps that person find a solution to a pressing question. Your lead may also come in as the result of product research. He's motivated to purchase, but he has some questions. Use the search phrases that bring your leads to you, and integrate these into your messaging. 

What Need Do You Fill? 

You need to speak your leads' language, but you also need to probe deeper. What are your leads' needs, issues, and concerns, and how does your product address them? Instead of selling your product based on the merits you perceive, let them know how it solves their problems. For example, if you are selling electronics and discover that many inbound leads come to you when they search for waterproof electronics, change your content or create landing pages that address these specific concerns. By thinking like your leads, you'll be able to speak to their needs.


Inbound leads with smart content, like Hubspot COS can personalize a site visit and help nurture a lead to into a customer

One size does not fit all. Create unique purchasing pathways for your unique inbound leads.

Create a Pathway to a Purchase 

Different people will behave in different ways when they arrive at your site. If possible, create different pathways to a purchase based on your leads' behavior. Did your lead click on a product demonstration video? If so, move your lead along into an area that answers more questions about product use and features. You want to make sure that your leads have answers to their questions and see the value of your product. Giving different leads different pathways makes it easier to answer the questions of that particular person. 

Emails from a segmented list can be very valuable in bringing the lead to the right purchase path.

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