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How to Craft a Killer Facebook Post

Posted by David C Aaronson

Mar 22, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Killer Facebook post
What's your social face? You want to be engaged on social media, but the way in which you engage with your current and prospective customers varies from venue to venue. If you'd like to turn your Facebook account from a sleepy place to a social media party, here's how to maximize your engagement.
Why Are You Posting?

When you post a statement, a question, a photo, or an article on Facebook, you need to have a purpose behind it. Be clear on the reason that you have a Facebook account. Do you want to share intriguing articles in your field? Do you want to build a community? Be clear on the reason for each post as well. A post might ask a customer to take a specific action, such as receiving a discount coupon for a purchase made on a particular day. People have busy lives and they want your posts to be engaging and purposeful.

Choose Your Style

How do you communicate with your readers? Your tone on social media should echo the other branding in your business. If you want to give your customers a feeling that they're part of a certain community, how does that community talk, and what does it like to hear? A weight loss community might want to visit a Facebook page with encouraging and inspiring posts and goal-related information. If you have multiple people posting to your Facebook account, make sure that they post in a similar tone so that your customers know what to expect from you.

Watch Your Language

You're watching your style, but whether you've decided to go casual or formal on your Facebook page you need to create posts and headlines that capture your audience. You can be brief: in fact, readers prefer shorter posts. However, whatever language you choose should be high impact, drawing your readers in and encouraging them to comment or click.

Killer Facebook post

Encourage customer interaction with posts that inspire a purchase or ask for customer feedback.

Build a Connection

Do your Facebook posts ask your readers to engage? Make an invitation in your posts. Ask questions, and gather readers' opinions. Ask them to think of a name for a new product or caption a photo for you. The more you connect with your readers, the more likely they'll be to reach out to you for their needs.

Photo Savvy

Everyone enjoys the addition of a visual element. It makes your posts look much more engaging. Adding a photo to your post grabs attention and generates interaction. However, make sure that you change up your posts to include links as well. While adding a photo leads to a lot of online conversation, adding a link generates more clicks to your site.

Change It Up

Whatever you do on your Facebook page, make sure that you avoid doing the same type of post every single day. Your readers want intriguing links, engaging photos, deals, and questions. They want to interact with you in many different ways. Make sure that you diversify your interactions so that your Facebook posts remain vital and exciting.

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