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3 Ways a Social Media Agency Improves Your Content Marketing

Posted by David C Aaronson

Aug 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

As any marketing professional knows, social media is an important part of any multi-faceted marketing plan. Connecting with your customers, as well as cultivating new ones, is important, and there is no better place to do that than where they spend their time online. Some companies believe that they can do this themselves, either by handing the job off to someone with other responsibilities or by hiring a single person to do the job. However a strong approach to social media requires a dedicated team with a large amount of collective experience to ensure that your social media presence is strong. Here are a few reasons why.

Social media is an importatn part of the mix for a good inbound marketing campaign

Social media continues to expand.

They Understand the Social Media Landscape

Social media is a platform that is evolving constantly. Forget Facebook, and Twitter, those are just the basics. Do you have a presence on Instagram? Vine? Snapchat? More importantly, which ones are your potential customers on and which ones are just passing fads? Figuring out how to mold and shape your social media strategy to best reach your customers can be an extremely involved task, so having experts who spend time studying the industry and where your customers (and potential customers) spend time online is extremely valuable. A dedicated social media agency is the best choice to provide this valuable service to you and your company.

Targeting Content

No one understands your company's brand better than your company, that's a given. But no one understands your customer base and the things they click, share, and like online better than an agency specializing in social media. It's their job to create content that drives customers to your site and product, so they're well suited to translating your unique message into the sort of content your customers and potential customers like the most. Don't assume your brand will sell itself. No matter how strong your product or great your marketing strategy, there are still very specific, efficient ways to reach an audience that a social media specialist will understand better than anyone.

They Can Quantify Your Marketing Success

It's notoriously hard to put a number on how well your marketing strategy is working. It's hard to know if a particular ad campaign increased your sales, or if you would've been just as successful without it. With social media however, there are a ton of statistics that can be collected and analyzed, giving a rough approximation of how they affect your company's sales. More than that though, a social media agency can easily both figure out and redefine your company's image online. So through a social media agency you can see both how well your advertising is working as well as what image it gives off.

Social media althoughs a company to ingage with its customers and potential customers

Keep your customers smiling.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using a social media agency. They not only understand the social media sites that are a part of your customers' lives, they also can turn your brand's message into targeted content, then quantify their success and alter the message appropriately. Check out our blog for more information.

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