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5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Connect with Potential Customers

Posted by David C Aaronson

Mar 1, 2016 7:57:14 AM

The best way to connect to your audience, wherever it may be is through internet content

Hey, you! Is your content calling out to your customers, or does it fall flat? Try these five techniques to help your customers hear your message.

Make a Plan 

Do you have a plan for your content, or are you simply sending it out to the world without an intention behind it? Before you begin a content renovation, consider what your goals are for your site. If you'd like to use your content marketing to target a particular segment of your audience, do that. If you'd like to use it to spread the word about your new business and get social media attention, do that. Having a plan makes it easier to determine whether you're reaching your goals. 

Catch Your Customers' Attention 

To draw in your leads, you need to catch their attention. You can do this by using keywords that speak to your readers and tell them that your blog and other site content will meet their needs. You can also do this through good writing. Catchy headlines and engrossing, informative writing will bring in your customers and keep them on your site.

Content is still and always will be the king of a great internet presence.

You don't need to push or shout, just learn to speak to your customers in a way that meets their needs.

Speak The Same Language 

Your customers have expectations. What are they? If you're a skateboard shop, these expectations might mean that appeal to that community with your visuals and your text. If you're working as a business consultant, your website will need to wear different clothes altogether. Through digital branding, plan how you'll appeal to your audience and do this through attractive images and well-designed content. 

Learn More About Your Customers 

Your customers want to find content that feels like home. To create this content, you need to learn more about your customers. Monitor the keywords that they use to navigate to your site, and ask them what they need through surveys. When you learn more about your customers, you can customize your content for them. 

Give Visitors the Content They Need 

Your potential customers love to see content that really speaks to their needs. Divide your site into areas for different types of customers. Create landing pages that focus on specific segments of your customer base, and move these customers through different sales funnels that focus on their specific needs. 

Make the Call 

When you're in sales, your content isn't just content. You need to include a strong call to action in your content so that your visitors transform into customers. Bring your call to action in after you've developed a relationship with your customers, and offer incentives such as eBooks and webinars if your customers are willing to sign up for your email list.

Get Social 

Invite your site visitors to share your content with others, bringing in people who are new to your business. When you create content that is valuable, your visitors will want to share it with their friends. Create the relationship with your visitors, and you'll have that opportunity to create it again and again as those visitors share your content with their friends. 

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