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Building Better Landing Pages Brings Better Sales Leads!

Posted by David C Aaronson

Jan 6, 2014 4:54:00 PM

building better landing pages, improving landing pages

In its simplest terms, the ultimate goal of any advertising campaign is to take leads and convert them to sales. However, the stages in between can be the most challenging, especially when your increasingly-savvy, educated prospects are shopping online and looking at competitors. More than ever, today’s consumers are seeking an enormous amount of information on your product or service well before making a purchasing decision.

This means you’ve got to keep them interested beyond the lead-generation phase by delivering attention-grabbing content they can access with just one click. Improving landing pages is key to maintaining control over this phase of the sales process, so business owners and marketers can benefit from a few tips that will make potential customers want to hang out.

You’ll want to start by creating a clear and descriptive headline focused on a proper keyword. The title tag of your content is probably the most significant feature, as it needs to be a perfect combination of two marketing concepts. First, it needs to be easy to find by viewers entering a logical keyword search. However, finding your content is not enough for the reader, as internet searchers have notoriously short attention spans. Therefore, your title also needs to be compelling so that they’re motivated to click on your content over any of your competitors.

Call to Action
Improving landing pages also means including a rousing call to action by the viewer. There shouldn’t be any confusion over what they need to do after absorbing your content, so state their next move clearly. You should be inspiring them to proceed to the next phase, whether it’s to fill in an email contact form, view a product demonstration, conduct a live chat session, or contact a company agent. You have their attention at this point, so don’t lose it by leaving them mystified. When they continue to the next step, you’re that much closer to converting a sale.

Focus and Continuity
Make sure your content concentrates on the point you’re trying to get across, and doesn’t stray too far off topic. Once a user lands on your page, you have to keep their attention within the first few sentences of your content. Otherwise, you risk them becoming frustrated, driving them back to their search page. While you don’t have to lay out in minute detail what your product or service will do for them, you should at least make them understand the benefits of taking action. At the same time, you might stress the disadvantages of inaction as a motivating factor.

Multi-purposing Content
One of the easiest tactics for improving landing pages is to make prospects work for you by sharing your content across social media. However, you need to make the sharing capabilities easy and obvious. Include the proper clicks for all of the social media outlets that are appropriate for your product or service. The icons should be at the beginning of your content, the end, and anywhere near the comments section for optimal results.

Using Analytics
Another method for improving landing pages is to learn from your mistakes and adjust your content accordingly. Primarily, this means tracking website analytics such as bounce rates, unique users, referring sites and other figures. Unless you have a grasp on who is visiting, who is sticking around, and where they came from, you can’t fully comprehend the success of your entire marketing campaign.

Your landing page is just one component of any online marketing campaign, but it is significant because of its impact: it means you grabbed the attention of a prospect, and they were motivated to visit. A great landing page will ensure that they stay awhile.

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