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Are Mobile Users Running Away from Your Site?

Posted by Mordechai Geberer

Jul 29, 2015 4:06:03 PM

How many of YOUR clients or Potential Clients are looking you up On Mobile Devices?

The answer to this question is about 60%. That’s a BIG number and if your site is hard to use on a mobile device what do you think they are going to do. Forget about you? Get frustrated? Go elsewhere? Truth is all three plus.

Attracting mobile users is a key to success in generating internet buiness leads using social media


Mobile searchers are frequently completed on the road looking for a location, looking for deals on the spot, directions, store hours, contact information and much much more. They don’t have the same attention span and are quick to move onto the next competitor quickly if their needs aren’t met. See Internet Leads Conversion Analysis

Google is making big efforts to ensure the convenience of their search engine. They want people coming back and clicking on results that show up. If yours isn’t satisfying searchers they’ll bump you down the list one by one and sometimes page by page.

Here are some of the basic tips to have your website mobile ready.

Call To Action-

  • How will you get them to take an action right away?

  • Call Now?

  • Open?

  • Click Here for Today’s Deal?

Google will actually want to see this and will display this on a person’s mobile device right away in the search results without them needing to actually visit your website.


The design of each page on your site needs to be configured so that it adjusts with the size of the mobile device. Is it a Galaxy or an iPhone? Which size iPhone and which size tablet? Clear, large, and an easy scroll of your web page is vital for customer satisfaction and procurement and Google is demanding it.


People who have previously done business with you may have given you reviews and star ratings. Those will be available on mobile for everyone to see. This will be shown right away in the search results before they even click on your site. This means that they can make the choice to buy elsewhere without even clicking on your site!

Social Media-

Approximately 87% of Facebook users are coming from Mobile.

  • How’s your business strategy on social media?

  • Are you just selling and selling?

  • Are you developing good strategies to engage more users?

  • Are you giving them quality content and conversation material?