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Lead Generation Suggestions and Marketing for Business Services

Posted by David C Aaronson

Dec 8, 2013 12:11:00 PM

There are several products, services and tools on the market today that promise to make business easier, more lucrative and less time intensive. You might want to try these strategies.

finding the right voice to attract leads is an essential part of Inbound Marleting

Among so many options it's difficult for a company to make a decision about what is best. They need guidance. They need someone who cares about their success as much as their own success. They need honesty and transparency.


Honesty and transparent business practices aren't necessarily a pair of characteristics you'd normally expect to see together, but that is beginning to change.

Today with the help of the internet, most companies just don't have the ability to hide all of the negative reviews and chat about themselves and their practices.

Even if they are able to coerce customers into doing business with them, any company that doesn't appreciate their clients will quickly lose them to someone who does. For the first time in a very long time consumers have veto power in the sales paradigm.

They come in educated. They know what they want or need. And they know what they can expect for their money.

Be Selective

It's time for companies (especially those marketing for business services) to be honest. It's time for companies to choose their clients carefully, because these are the people that will represent them offline, in social media and in reviews.

No longer should a company want to do business with every person that comes along, but only with the ideal client that perfectly matches their product or service offering.


With so many options a company needs to stand out among the crowd. They, you, need to offer something more than the average sales pamphlet. Transparency in what the company does, how it sells, what it sells and who best benefits from their products and services is not only appreciated, it's necessary.

Beforemaking a buying decision visitors will come to a website, read through several blog posts or articles about a particular service or product and learn as much as they can online. They'll definitely visit a number of websites to compare offers and prices.

They may ask their friends on social media platforms for referrals and recommendations. So be duly warned that when they come to visit your business, they will be armed with more information and will ask more questions than someone would have asked 5-10 years ago.

How Should Companies Marketing for Business Services Use This Information?

honesty and integrity will help any company attrack new business leads

Companies who market for business services have the unique opportunity to thoroughly educate their prospective clients.

They can provide all of the necessary information on their websites that a prospect will need to make a buying decision.

Companies can answer the questions prospects would have up front, with out having to be asked, on their blogs.

Once a prospect has shared their interest in buying with the company, the company should follow up with that lead through helpful lead nurturing.

Inbound marketing is one of the hottest, least expensive strategies a company can use to help their prospects become clients. By using inbound marketing tactics the company will find prospects as they are searching for information.

Companies can educate the prospect by being transparent, and then use follow-up methods to stay in touch with the prospect and carefully turn them into a sale. Hubspot is the most popular and useful software on the market today that helps business services optimize their efforts in inbound marketing.

The tooltips give users the tips they need to make each page or post as optimized as possible. The email marketing options allow for lead segmentation. Hubspot is updated often to include new features.

A recent update includes the option to have return visitors see different content based on how many times they've visited the site. Using this feature allows the company to target prospects exactly in the buying process to increase chances of a sale.

Marketing for business services has become much easier, effective with inbound marketing. Take a look at the Hubspot software, discuss your company's options with a verified reseller partner, and start using inbound marketing to improve your clients' buying process today.

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